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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

Leading Prospects from Content to Sales

New White Paper! In today’s increasingly complex purchasing environment, technology marketers not only must deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right format and on the right device, they must also collaborate with sales for more thoughtful and relevant follow-up. This white paper explores the evolving role of content in marketing strategies and the IT purchase process — and how making the right moves directly impacts success. Learn More


Social Media Marketing Solutions

IDG is leading the creation of innovative, truly social programs and has developed true social media ROI to ensure our partner programs deliver in ways that can be justified in much scrutinized marketing budgets. Experience an unprecedented level of engagement with your target audience through extensive integrated awareness efforts. Learn more


Wireless Infrastructure for the Enterprise

Wireless infrastructure has become a primary avenue for keeping business moving. While there is mounting pressure to meet growing needs and expectations, there are many questions arising on how to address those needs. Network World’s series of one-day technical seminars provides a venue for you to hear about the latest developments in wireless infrastructure technologies and network with experts and peers who face similar challenges. Learn More!


Converged Marketing

Our focus is on creating unique, powerful opportunities for tech marketers to engage with our communities – all with the goal of redefining how they become a relevant part of conversations driving organizational agendas and product development forward. We do this by developing new products and programs that foster interaction with your target at the right time, in the right way, using our 4Cs methodology across converged media channels.
Learn About Converged Marketing


Alliance Marketing Services

Elevate and communicate your value to partners and collectively roll out customer-facing messaging and assets that strengthen the value of your alliances. With a robust portfolio of solutions we can supplement ongoing initiatives —including research-based programs or white papers—or act as a full consultative group to facilitate partner relations, build and execute brand messaging and library of assets, amplify messaging socially and more. Learn More