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Network World Enterprise Architect TechPersona 2016

Jul 13, 2016

Network World’s 2016 Enterprise Architect TechPersona research was conducted to gain a better understanding of the IT architect’s role and the characteristics and skills needed to succeed in their career. Throughout the study, findings highlight the fact that enterprise architects have a heavy burden on them as they are the “glue” that brings the technology and business side of the organization together.

Key findings from the study include:

    • Enterprise architects have strong relationships with the business side of the house, but align themselves with Senior IT management.
    • More than 2/3 of IT architects are involved in evaluating products and services and recommending or selecting vendors, making them heavy influencers in the technology purchase process.
    • Enterprise architects are required to be “bilingual” and communicate in terms both IT and business can understand.
    • As a result of their broad and unique view of the organization, architects are on the lookout for relevant information sources and ways to connect with peers.

View the “Enterprise Architects: The Power Behind the IT Throne” white paper.

For more information on this study, view the excerpt below. To request a meeting with an IDG Enterprise sales executive to walk through the full study, please complete the form below.

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