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2016 Data & Analytics Research

Jul 5, 2016

Organizations continue to consider and adopt big data technology, and our 2016 Data & Analytics research dives deep into where organizations are in the process. The research provides a better understanding of their data-driven initiatives in terms of when they plan to implement or if they already have, the goals they hope to achieve due to data & analytics, which technologies they will invest in in order to do so, and the strategies they will follow.

Key Findings: 

  • Data-driven initiative remains consistent from last year, as 26% of organizations have already implemented projects, and 43% are still planning their implementations.
  • Top goals of data and analytics investments include improving customer relationships, making business more data focused, and changing ways operations are organized.
  • Increasing from 36% in 2015, 44% of organizations expect their data-driven initiative budget to increase in the next 12-18 months.
  • Enterprise organizations invest significantly more in data-driven initiatives than SMBs ($13.9 million). However; expected SMB investment jumped from $1.6 million last year to $4.3 million this year.
  • The IT architect is showing great importance when it comes to data decisions; one of the top three individuals involved.
  • Managing unstructured data is growing as a challenge – rising from 31% in 2015 to 45% in 2016.
  • Many organizations are taking additional steps to secure data output, while others feel their existing security for data input is adequate.

IDG Enterprise conducted to gain a better understanding of organizations’ big data initiatives, investments and strategies. Results in this report are based off of 724 respondents who reported their organizations are currently implementing, planning or considering big data projects. Audience members of six IDG Enterprise brands (CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World) were asked to take the survey via pop‐up and email invitations.

For more information on this study, view the excerpt below. To request a meeting with an IDG Enterprise sales executive to walk through the full study, please complete the form below.

Download the 2016 Data & Analytics Executive Summary

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