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CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2017

The 2017 CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities study was conducted to gauge for the upcoming year which technology areas will be the focus of IT leaders, and to measure the direction of spending within those categories. Key findings include: Since 2011, IT budgets have been increasing steadily. (Click to Tweet) Adoption of certain tech initiatives and apps/operating platforms shows that while heads of IT...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Dec 1, 2016

2016 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey

The 2016 IDG Enterprise cloud research brings to light the powerhouse that cloud computing has become. While traditional cloud models such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS continue to be staples in organization’s IT environment, businesses are focusing their resources to learn about more recent cloud technologies and find the best fit for hosting their applications – 56% of organizations are still identifying...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Nov 1, 2016

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2016 Cloud Computing Executive Summary

Whether it be public, private, hybrid or a mix of various models, the use of cloud computing has expanded into almost every organization and new applications continue to evolve. IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Cloud Computing research touches upon concepts including the cloud models used today and predictions for the future, business goals and investments behind cloud, and the benefits they anticipate from...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Nov 1, 2016

Tech Buyer Research
2016 IDG Enterprise Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker

The 2016 IDG Enterprise Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker survey was conducted to provide in-depth information about the evolving role and influence of IT decision-makers in today’s corporations. The study looks at the different IT Models in use at organizations today and how that effects organizational outlook; explores the shifting roles and influencers within tech purchase...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Aug 16, 2016

Network World Enterprise Architect TechPersona 2016

Network World’s 2016 Enterprise Architect TechPersona research was conducted to gain a better understanding of the IT architect’s role and the characteristics and skills needed to succeed in their career. Throughout the study, findings highlight the fact that enterprise architects have a heavy burden on them as they are the “glue” that brings the technology and business side...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jul 13, 2016

2016 Data & Analytics Research

Organizations continue to consider and adopt big data technology, and our 2016 Data & Analytics research dives deep into where organizations are in the process. The research provides a better understanding of their data-driven initiatives in terms of when they plan to implement or if they already have, the goals they hope to achieve due to data & analytics, which technologies they will invest...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jul 5, 2016

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B2B Tech Marketer’s Content Marketing Practices Research 2016

Content marketing is more than just a buzz word for tech marketers. In fact, it is ingrained in marketing strategies for 95% of B2B tech marketers. To understand how these strategies are built, what is being measured, and overall what is working, IDG sponsored research conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs: 2016 B2B Technology Trends, North America. Key highlights from the study...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· May 6, 2016

CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook 2016

The 2016 CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook study was conducted to gauge how current economic conditions are effecting IT spending plans among IT leaders. Key findings include: IT investments are leveling off as more heads of IT are keeping their budgets the same than are increasing them in the next 12 months. Newsworthy security breaches are increasing tech investment plans as heads of IT are increasing...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· May 4, 2016

CIO/CSO Partnership Survey 2015

As the importance of security in technology and business continues to rise, it is becoming increasingly imperative for security and tech executives to work together. The 2015 CIO/CSO Partnership Survey provides an in-depth analysis of the collaborative CIO and CSO relationship to gain insight into what’s happening in today’s tech and security departments to ensure success during this time of digital...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Feb 8, 2016