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CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook 2017

The CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook 2017 study was conducted to gauge how current economic conditions are affecting tech spending plans among IT leaders. The results confirm that tech executives are managing multiple modes of IT delivery, with a greater focus on faster-paced/agile IT. Key findings include: Technology investments are expected to increase in the next 12 months – 59% reporting an...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jun 16, 2017

SalesTech for Sales Enablement
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Sales Enablement Through SalesTech

This recent report on SalesTech, looks at the key challenges, solutions, and investment priorities of sales organizations. Conducted across the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, the responses will help sales organizations benchmark their efforts and prioritize their investments in sales technology. The good news is that organizations are adopting sales technologies to help with sales...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· May 15, 2017

2017 IDG Enterprise Security Priorities Study

The 2017 IDG Enterprise Security Priorities study provides insight into the security roles and technologies that help mitigate risk and allow for business growth. As security continues to be a business focus, the purpose of the study is to better understand the security projects organizations are focused on now and in the coming year, as well as the issues that will demand the most time and strategic...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Apr 24, 2017

Smart Content Marketing + Sales Enablement + Marketing & Sales Alignment = Customer Experience (CX)
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2017 Customer Engagement Research

Digital transformation emphasizes the role of technology in driving business forward. In turn, this puts more pressure on technology decision makers to be aware of new technologies and solutions that will help them drive their business forward. Because of this, they seek out more information as they self-educate. But not just any information.  Tech marketers need to know what information tech buyers...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Mar 8, 2017

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Demand Generation Priorities of Tech Marketers

Technology marketers are focused on developing content to fuel their demand generation efforts. In a recent study content marketing and content creation were ranked as the most critical objective in support of their tech marketing strategy, and aligning content to their demand generation strategy is the #1 area of demand gen investment. Looking specifically at lead gen activity, tech marketers expect...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Mar 8, 2017

Computerworld Forecast Study 2017

The 2017 Computerworld Forecast Study is conducted to determine IT priorities for 2017 in areas such as spending, staffing and technology. New this year, the study takes a closer look at digital disruption and the technologies associated with transformation. Key findings: IT decision-makers mostly plan to keep their current levels of investment in technology steady, with enterprises more likely to...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Mar 6, 2017

CSO Vendor Scorecard: Security Information & Event Management Research

Security strategy is an integral part of business growth and success. In order to create a better picture of where organizations are in their adoption of specific security technologies, CSO conducted the 2016 Vendor Scorecard: Security Information & Event Management research. The study outlines the adoption of SIEM, and the vendor characteristics needed to achieve their business goals. Key findings: Organizations...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Feb 27, 2017

State of the CIO 2017

CIO’s 16th annual “State of the CIO” survey was conducted with the objective of understanding how the CIO role continues to evolve in today’s business climate and to help define the CIO agenda for 2017. This definitive benchmarking survey measures the CIO role in the organization, budgetary responsibilities, business and leadership challenges, and the key skills needed for the job today. Key...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jan 17, 2017

2017 State of the Network

Network World’s State of the Network research is conducted annually to gain a deeper understanding of the network environments within today’s organizations. Results look at how the network professional role evolves, technology adoption trends, investment priorities and challenges taking place in the network. The 2017 study discusses how all of these changes are being managed, and where...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jan 10, 2017

State of Information Security
2017 Global State of Information Security Survey

The 2017 Global State of Information Security Survey was conducted to explore how businesses are embracing a modern approach to threat management and information sharing. Key findings include: Organizations are prioritizing their spending on security initiatives that align with the evolving digital ecosystems. Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing investment area for 2017 and practices to secure the...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Dec 7, 2016