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Network World is for and about network IT. Technology and information needs are evolving at record speed, putting unprecedented demands on enterprise networks. Network World has always seen network technology as a strategic business differentiator. is the established place for IT decision-makers to come for industry intelligence on networking technologies and for the tech marketers looking to connect with them.


Our audience, your target

This strategic, technical group is a powerful driver of the business, managing the digital nervous system of today’s connected enterprise. They know the products on the market. They’re on top of emerging technologies and next generation solutions. And they’re influencing the selection of those solutions for their businesses. Are you connected to them? Network World is the leading source for connecting you with this instrumental group.

Our brand focus

Today’s networks are innovative webs, reaching far and wide across the enterprise. Network World carved its digital niche to give a clear voice to this vital aspect of the business, understanding that other facets of the business cannot exist without the network and the people that make it run. Network World reports the most up-to-date networking information for the people tasked with architecting, deploying, and managing the digital nervous system of today’s connected enterprise. Connecting the IT community using the network as the lens is central to Network World’s mission and is what gives rise to our editorial voice.

What's unique to Network World?


State of the Network

Network World’s annual “State of the Network” study provides a comprehensive view of technology adoption trends among network IT. This definitive research focuses on technology implementation objectives and how leading objectives are changing the way IT decision-makers do their jobs, and the way their organizations function.

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Clear Choice Tests

Network World conducts product tests regularly throughout the year with members of our Lab Alliance. The highest scoring product in a comparative review, receiving at least a 3.7 out of 5.0, is given the Clear Choice designation. In single product reviews, products scoring 4.5 or above are also given a Clear Choice designation.

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IT Roadmap Conference & Expo

IT Roadmap Conference & Expo, a one-day regional series, delivers an in-depth look at the evolution of the digitization of the enterprise and the IT stack facing IT professionals today with content that evolves with the tech market. Industry analysts, IT practitioners, and strategists join tech solution providers to present solutions to help IT professionals build a roadmap for business innovation and growth.

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Our editorial team

Network World’s editorial team possesses a keen knowledge of the industry and network IT’s role in contributing and shaping all aspects of the business. Led by executive editor Tim Greene, Network World’s writers and editors understand the needs of their readers. As thought-leaders for their digital niche beats, they work to synthesize industry developments and package their knowledge so network IT can make informed tech business decisions. From Eddie’s to Ozzie’s to Azbee’s, our editorial team has a colorful list of awards received from their dedication and expertise in reporting tech.

Tim Greene, Executive Editor

Editorial Contacts

Network World is a digital-only property and our editorial team focuses on the tech trends currently facing our IT decision-maker readers. Since this can evolve, we do not produce an editorial calendar. If you have a timely pitch that you would like the editorial team to consider, please contact the appropriate reporter on the Network World team.

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