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With our focus on the technology influencer, we don’t want to talk about us, we want to talk about them. What’s on their mind? Their short list? What are their challenges? We work to make IT personal. is the community for technology influencers looking to connect, collaborate, and communicate with their peers and experienced tech experts. We provide the platform for the culture of learning to happen between peers, tech experts, and the tech marketers looking to meet them throughout their enterprise tech journey.


Our audience, your target

The tech influencers that make up our audience are those tasked with implementing strategies to address changes within the enterprise. With technology transforming the enterprise at a rapid rate, the strategies do not always have a proven method. The power of this group is behind their collective voice and connection, exchanging and advancing ideas that inspire success as they deploy the next generation of enterprise technologies. Are you part of the dialogue? ITworld is THE trusted voice for IT influencers, join the conversation today.


Our brand focus

ITworld connects the community of tech influencers through its unique environment for gathering and sharing information. This site captures the intimate conversation between peers and colleagues, explores their priorities and challenges, and offers digital and marketing services that give our partners a platform to join the conversation – ITworld provides the resources to help these tech influencers do their jobs with efficiency and authority.

What's unique to ITworld?


Trusted Voices

A critical role on ITworld, these subject matter experts provide the unvarnished advice you'd get from trusted peers. They are IT leaders in their respective fields and great technology ambassadors. They encourage a culture of learning and have no other agenda except to share what they know, help solve a problem, and put context around the latest in tech.

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Our editorial team

ITworld’s team is comprised of a broad scope of subject matter experts – bloggers, Trusted Voices – all with the role of sharing what they know, helping to solve problems, putting context around recent tech news, a product announcement or the latest tech trend.

ITworld’s contributors understand the needs of their readers and work to create an environment for knowledge-sharing so that tech influencers can solve enterprise needs today in order to focus on the technologies of tomorrow. ITworld’s award-winning site has earned recognition from its creative and innovative approach and dedication to the exchange of information and ideas.

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ITworld is a digital-only property and our editorial team focuses on the tech trends currently facing our IT decision-maker readers. Since this can evolve, we do not produce an editorial calendar.

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Align your message with our must read content through digital advertising, native and topical deep dive sponsorships.


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We are here to help you elevate your content, craft thoughtful assets and scale your reach across our media channels and beyond.


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Together, let’s bridge your messaging with unified content, social engagement, events and training.

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