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Welcome to the IDG Enterprise product demo area. Our unique editorial brands have a differentiated editorial voice, attracting a unique audience, however the structure of our sites have been made consistent, so that advertising can more easily run across the multiple.
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A high impact creative unit that allows you to present your product or solution in a Q&A format to engage your target customers.


AGENDA is the business leadership conference providing IT and business leaders the strategy, ideas and action needed for the key business issues they face. AGENDA focuses on the urgent need to use digital transformation to drive business. As customers and employees look for more mobile, social and omni-channel experiences, AGENDA brings it all together. Content & focus evolves with the market.

Marketing Services
Animated Video

Ideal for in-depth, contextual video best showcased as an illustration, these videos have skillful content best conveyed in animation.

Awards Programs

Today’s companies need to engage with customers in new and different ways, and one of the best opportunities to boost that engagement is with an awards program publicly honoring your customers’ business achievements. Especially those initiatives enabled by your organization’s technology solutions. What better content can you create for prospects than peer-reviewed stories about your customers’ award-winning successes?

Marketing Services
BrandPost Classic

Showcase your thought leadership on a selected topic with the native advertising approach of a blog. These sponsored blogs provide a similar user experience as a traditional IDG editorial blog, but instead use your branded content.