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Customer Engagement: It's Complicated
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The State of Customer Engagement: It’s Complicated

The State of Customer Engagement white paper looks at the many complicated parts of the customer journey and uses results from the IDG Enterprise 2017 Customer Engagement Study to provide a roadmap for tech marketers. The research highlights the importance of creating content in the formats most used by target customers, how to personalized that content, and details sales follow preferences to achieve...

By · May 8, 2017

role of cio in business strategy
What is the Role of a CIO in Business Strategy?

The Strategic CIO: Now Ready for Prime Time A White Paper from the 2017 State of the CIO Study As businesses become more dependent on technology for success, exactly what role does a CIO play in the overall business strategy? According to CIO‘s 2017 State of the CIO study, CIOs are finally able to devote more time and energy to strategic activities. While they still need to maintain oversight...

By · Jan 24, 2017

how technology purchase decisions are made
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Learn How Technology Purchase Decisions Are Made

“Enterprise Technology Decisions Become a Business Priority” – a white paper from IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study The days of technology purchases being made in a silo by just the IT department have come to an end. Technology purchase decisions are now very much a whole business issue as shown by the results of the 2016 IDG Enterprise...

By · Sep 7, 2016

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Enterprise Architects: The Power Behind the IT Throne

This white paper takes a first-hand look at Network World’s Enterprise Architect Tech Persona research, which highlights the strategic role of enterprise architects; from their involvement in the tech purchase process, to their influence and ongoing conversations with IT and business. This white paper will: Explain how architects translate business needs into technology strategies. Provide...

By · Apr 20, 2016

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Content Customization Comes to the Fore

The Content Customization Comes to the Fore white paper takes a comprehensive look at the IDG Enterprise 2016 Customer Engagement research to better understand the content preferences of the tech buyer. The results show the importance of unbiased content as well as the credibility boost content receives when it is shared by a peer, whether it be digitally, socially or in person. This white paper...

By · Mar 15, 2016

Network IT: The Beating Heart of Digital Transformation

As companies continue to digitally transform their businesses, the role of network IT continues to evolve from a behind-the-scenes contributor to an increasingly strategic player, putting them in the spotlight. Find out more in the Network IT: The Beating Heart of Digital Transformation white paper with research from the 2016 State of the Network study. Discover more about: How the network organization...

By · Feb 1, 2016

CIOs: Navigating a Complex Role

As organizations strive to seize disruptive business opportunities made possible by cloud, mobility and big data, the role of the CIO is becoming more complex than ever before. Dig into this and more from the 2016 State of the CIO study in the CIOs: Navigating a Complex Role white paper. Discover more about: How the role of the CIO continues to evolve in today’s business climate Skills shortages...

By · Jan 21, 2016

Behind the Scenes of the CIO & CSO Relationship White Paper

Within just a few years, the CIO and CSO relationship has grown from a bond consisting of infrequent meetings to regular collaboration. However, do IT and security leaders collaborate enough to keep their organization safe in this volatile security breach environment? IDG Enterprise’s white paper “Behind the Scenes of the CIO & CSO Relationship: Productive Partnership or Competitive Alliance?”...

By · Dec 15, 2015

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How to Create an Infographic – 10 Steps for Success

You’re not a designer, but have been given the job of creating an infographic from scratch. It can be a daunting task, but as tech marketers, we know the value of creating infographics. They present information in a digestible format that’s visually interesting and attention grabbing. So, how do you create an infographic? We’ve created a guide to help you get started – How...

By · Nov 16, 2015

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Coping with Digitization

The Coping with Digitization whitepaper dives into the 2015 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision Maker study and how IT organizations are structuring to create the flexibility needed to meet emerging business needs, who the tech decision makers are and where they find the info they need during the purchase process. Understanding the environments and information needs will help you identify...

By · Sep 19, 2015