Enhance sales effectiveness.


As the face to your customers, the sales team needs to balance understanding customer goals and challenges with product knowledge and prospecting for growth. Training on market trends, developing content for the entire customer journey, and targeting and nurturing leads prior to passing them off to sales can elevate the entire sales team – and ease any friction between sales and marketing. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Let our experts help you deliver what sales needs for success.

Sales Enablement

More than just leads…buyer insights.

Passing every lead to sales no longer cuts it. Building lead profiles, nurturing leads with content and building a trusted relationship with sales is the new sales and marketing alignment. As leads transition from MQLs to SQLs making sure your sales team is familiar with the buyer and the content received, as well as market trends for thoughtful conversations, will help ensure a smooth hand off. Let our market, content and data experts help you enhance the sales experience for the buyers, the sales team, and your bottom line.


We understand the tech buyer; their goals, challenges and how they move through the purchase process. Through research, events and conversations our experts use these insights to help tech marketers and sales executives build strategies to successfully engage with these powerful decision-makers. Tap into any of our sales experts for insights into the buyer’s journey and what the tech adoption trends are in your product area.


Content is king, but quality, unbiased content brings technology decision-makers back for more. Don’t derail the nurturing process, let us help you tell your story with microsites, native posts, white papers, videos, infographics and more that map your solutions to their strategic needs.

Premium Data Services

Improve your marketing efforts by targeting our premium site visitors using our robust 1st party data combined with 3rd party data and expanded reach through a premium ad network, the IDG TechNetwork. Maximize your branding campaign by layering on filters such as, company size, industry and purchase intent, to your taxonomy focus.

Account Based Marketing

Leveraging digital display, demand generation and data solutions, Account Based Marketing helps identify purchasing intent to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects. Providing personalized interactions at scale, targeted account lead generation and enhanced nurturing, our programs move leads through the sales funnel.


If your leads need additional qualification before going to sales, use our telemarketing team to uncover purchase intent with our Budget, Authority, Need and Timing questions. This knowledge will be key to determine a nurture path.