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Staying on the pulse of technology transformation can be a challenge for tech decision-makers, which is why they rely on our editors. We breakdown tech trends, showcase emerging technologies, analyze tech news and review products and services to help throughout the tech buying journey. Tech leaders rely on our sites and events for essential knowledge, from original articles to curated content and speaker insights making our portfolio the ideal place to share your content and marketing messaging to foster recognition, interest and sales.

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92% of tech decision-makers are more likely to click on a link from a familiar source; build that familiarity with us. Target tech buyers where they visit and capitalize on the loyalty our editorial and content teams have established. From content to lead gen, branding and beyond we have solutions to help build and amplify your message. See how together we can turn your plans into reality.

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Reach tech buyers when and where they are ready to learn. Our digital solutions – spanning traditional promotions to mobile, smart ads, lead gen, video and beyond – are integrated into the page layout for optimal exposure. Explore the solutions that align with your goals in our Product Library.


Technology can be complex and video is a great tool for explaining your solutions. Reach the 90% of tech decision-makers that have watched a tech-related video in the last 3 months on our sites. Video encourages action, after watching a tech-video 48% visited a vendor’s website for more info.


Add value and create deeper engagement when you thread your executives’ and industry insights throughout the pages of our editorial sites and social channels through a native campaign. Stand out by integrating your content with our award-winning tech content.

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Technology is constantly transforming, from emerging tech to evolving traditional solutions. Our editors package content to help tech decision-makers easily digest a tech trend. Allowing a dedicated focus on a single topic, driving readership among those actively research that area. As a leader in a trending tech category, we invite you to share your message within the pages of this guide and grow your sales pipeline with each download.

IDG Enterprise Leads Policy
Pricing represents worldwide leads with no filters/criteria. A maximum of 10 competitors will be accepted to be filtered out of a campaign. IDG Enterprise removes bogus and duplicate leads. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users. Lead criteria is available for an additional investment.

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