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Syncsort CEO: Refashioning a 50-Year Old Market Player to Innovating Around Liberating Data & Dollars

When you think of leaders in big data and analytics, you’d be forgiven for not listing Syncsort among them. But this nearly 50-year-old company, which began selling software for the decidedly unglamorous job of optimizing mainframe sorting, has refashioned itself into a critical conduit by which core corporate data flows into Hadoop and other key big data platforms. Syncsort labels itself “a...

By · Jan 14, 2016

VMware CEO: Focus on the Mission-Critical, Enterprise Valuable

It’s an interesting time to be the CEO of VMware. The company is one of the pioneers of the modern data center, and now, it’s rolling out new offerings around cloud platforms and hybrid networking. At the time of our discussion, rumors were swirling about what would happen to VMware as part of a possible shakeup to the EMC Federation. Now, with Dell acquiring EMC, who has a majority ownership of...

By · Oct 20, 2015

New Cisco CEO: Focus on Speed and Simplification

When Cisco employees headed into work the last week of July, they encountered something they haven’t seen in two decades: a new boss. Chuck Robbins – formerly senior vice president of worldwide operations – took over from former CEO John Chambers. I spoke with Robbins on his first day on the job about his priorities for Cisco and the opportunities and challenges facing the network giant. Strategy...

By · Aug 18, 2015

Cisco’s Former CEO: Delivering on the Vision

Cisco’s John Chambers recently handed the reigns of CEO to Chuck Robbins, but not before I spoke with him about the company’s direction and its ambition of making Cisco the No.1 IT company. He discussed how they are delivering on that vision by forging ahead with its key market initiatives. Chambers will remain the company’s chairman and become executive chairman as well. Photo Credit: Stephen...

By · Jul 13, 2015

Pure Storage CEO: Seeing is Believing – A Key Principle for this Market Disruptor

The term ‘disruption’ gets tossed about a lot – too often – in the technology industry. But it isn’t always hype. Backed by nearly half a billion dollars in investment, CEO Scott Dietzen and Pure Storage, driving pure flash storage technology, are hard at work disrupting a big chunk of the enterprise storage market. I sat down with Dietzen to discuss their rise in the market and...

By · May 1, 2015

Red Hat CEO: Establishing Cloud Leadership

When you think about the leading cloud computing companies, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst hopes his company springs to mind. In fact, the CEO of the rapidly growing, Raleigh, NC-based open source company is doing everything in his power to ensure that Red Hat has the widest possible portfolio of tools for your private and hybrid cloud. It’s a collection of technologies that Whitehurst says is only...

By · Aug 22, 2012

Unilever CIO: Innovation and Mobility are Empowering

Whether CIOs worry about enabling company growth in emerging markets or improving speed to market and cycle times, Rod Hefford has advice to share. Hefford is CIO for global customer development and supply chain at Unilever, the British-Dutch consumer products company. Unilever’s 400-plus products are used daily by some 2 billion consumers in nearly 200 countries. Hefford joined me recently to...

By · Aug 21, 2012

HBO CIO: Stay Focused on the Future

When HBO launched in 1972, paying for TV was a novel idea. The concept seems quaint today in a world of three—or is that four?—always-on screens: computer, television, smart phone and tablet. The pioneering movie channel now originates top-shelf content including Boardwalk Empire, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Deadwood (a personal favorite) that is consumed on demand by viewers around the world on virtually...

By · Aug 13, 2012

Webroot CEO: Gambling on Cloud

Anti-malware vendor Webroot has bet the company on cloud. In October 2011, Webroot stopped selling packaged software and moved to software-as-a-service (SaaS). CEO Dick Williams says the switch improves the customer service model and takes the burden of managing updates off of the end user. Williams and I talked about why he thinks the new approach will help Webroot grow in the ultra-competitive software...

By · Aug 2, 2012

Egenera CEO: Change Your Approach, Not Your Vision

Egenera CEO Pete Manca says the company was ten years ahead of its time when it targeted the converged data center infrastructure. Its recent transition from a hardware-focused company to a software-oriented one has enabled it to stay in the thick of a now-booming market pursued aggressively by Cisco, HP and others. I talked with Manca about Egenera’s strategic shift. Focus on your Business Model Engera’s...

By · Jun 5, 2012