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The future of A.I. ethics is in our hands

When so many of the world’s smartest people warn us about ‘killer robots’ and other ethical issues inherent in artificial intelligence, we should heed their call to make sure A.I. is used for societal good. Growing up, it was great fun watching shows like Star Trek, The Jetsons, Flash Gordon and The Green Hornet. They made you dream about what life would be like with amazing technologies...

By · Aug 31, 2015

Beyond Moore’s Law: Five technologies that will change the future

IDG CEO Mike Friedenberg is watching the tech horizon and sees game-changing technologies in A.I., robotics, quantum computing and more. In all the reading I do about the technology landscape and the future of the CIO role, I encounter every kind of punditry and industry analysis: the obvious, the erroneous and, occasionally, the exceptional. In Deloitte Consulting’s 2015 technology trends report...

By · May 21, 2015

Security Crashes the Boardroom Party

Given the recent spate of headline-grabbing data breaches, CIOs need to be prepared to answer a lot of board questions about risk. This will be the year when cybersecurity concerns crash the boardroom party and take a seat at the head of the table. The aftershocks of significant data breaches at Anthem, Sony, Home Depot, eBay, JPMorgan Chase, Target and many more have caused headline-grabbing business...

By · Mar 30, 2015

Are You Ready to Replace Yourself?

CIOs rarely get to name their successors, and companies overall do a poor job of succession planning. CEO Michael Friedenberg says it’s time to get serious about closing the succession gap. I was recently talking with a CIO on the verge of retiring after nearly 20 years, and I asked who would be replacing him. What he said surprised me. “I don’t think they are going to take my recommendation,”...

By · Jan 28, 2015

Top 10 Tech Industry Megatrends of 2015

More IT vendors will split up. Boards will get even more paranoid about security. UX and CX become critical competencies for CIOs. “Futurology has always bounced around between common sense, nonsense and a healthy dose of wishful thinking.” That’s how a 2012 Scientific American article summed up the history of prediction. Our compelling annual urge to predict the future traces back...

By · Nov 21, 2014

Is the World as Flat as We Think?

IDG CEO Michael Friedenberg weighs the promise of globalization against the competitive realities of Internet business practices and security concerns. In 2005, Thomas Friedman’s award-winning book The World Is Flat championed the transformative power of globalization. It highlighted how the traditional barriers of commerce, communication and politics were rapidly changing in these early years...

By · Sep 28, 2014

New Executive Skill Sets Emerge in CIO 100 Award Winners

IDG CEO Michael Friedenberg spots skills that signal greater business success for IT: marketing, market knowledge and communication. Congratulations to this year’s CIO 100 Award winners and to our six newest members of the CIO Hall of Fame. This who’s who list of innovative companies and highly accomplished IT leaders casts a brilliant spotlight on the best aspects of business transformation. Our...

By · Aug 1, 2014

Two Critical Questions Every CIO Should Answer

Are we living through the single most revolutionary time in business transformation? Or does it just feel that way? When I think about the combined forces of the Internet, cloud computing, social tools, mobile devices and a nearly infinite amount of big data, I wonder how any business can fail to be transformed. (The alternative being to simply fail.) Then I think about the digitization of business...

By · May 29, 2014

Retail Must Reinvent Itself for the Omnichannel Future

If ever there was an industry ready for a massive technology shake-up, it’s retail. Consider the confluence of pressures it faces: customer showrooming, evolving payment ecosystems, a meteoric rise in online shopping and the constant danger of being the target of the next high-profile security breach. No wonder IDC analyst Robert Parker recently predicted that retail must “reinvent itself”...

By · Mar 31, 2014

Will 3D Printing Really Change the World?

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg says it already has, as he contemplates 3-D printing technology that can create things as varied as a human liver and a new home. What if I were to tell you that one day printers will be able to build homes, manufacture guns and cook food? That would be pretty remarkable progress, and to my surprise, it’s quite possible. The potential of 3-D printers...

By · Jan 30, 2014