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Influencer Marketing
The Rise of B2B Influencer Marketing

One of the most promising and growing areas of B2B marketing is influencer marketing. A good definition of influencer marketing comes from Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing Agency: ‘Influencer Marketing is the practice of engaging internal and industry experts/influencers with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.’ These influencers can help promote your content with added...

By · Apr 18, 2017

Native Advertising
Native Advertising: Do It Right or Don’t Bother

When the great journalist Jimmy Breslin passed away last week, the New York Daily News republished a magnificent column he wrote on the night in December 1980 that John Lennon was shot, telling the tale of the cops who drove a dying Lennon to the hospital. The column was a powerful, poignant example of Breslin’s masterful skill as a storyteller. Just as noteworthy, to me at least, was the juxtaposition...

By · Mar 30, 2017

Targeted Marketing
Driving More Personalized and Targeted Marketing Strategies

Since launching Pipeline Activator™ two weeks ago, the data made available to subscribers through the service has evolved. This is because data isn’t static; it’s representative of a moment in time. IDG understands how data evolves, and our ongoing research programs make our first-party data the industry’s most recent and relevant. As the world’s largest media, data, and marketing...

By · Mar 22, 2017

Interactive Digital Experience
What’s Next for Content Marketing? The Interactive Digital Experience.

We live in a visual world. Gone are the days of black and white columns of type. Today’s modern culture expects—even demands—visual presentation. Or visual clues. Or just visual content to play with, interact with, and disseminate. For B2B marketing experts, we know words can’t be written in a vacuum, without considering the digital presentation. This is true whether you’re talking about...

By · Mar 16, 2017

Pipeline Activator
Driving Productivity and Increasing Effectiveness of Your Sales Efforts

Last week, IDG announced the launch of Pipeline Activator™, a predictive intelligence engine that helps accelerate global sales opportunities from our customers’ most valuable clients. I am excited that we have expanded IDG’s account-based marketing solution to the even greater benefit of our clients. IDG designed Pipeline Activator for technology sales and marketing professionals who want...

By · Mar 15, 2017

The old business-IT debate still rages

When I started my high-tech media career 16 years ago, business-IT alignment was a hot topic, and it still is today. Google the phrase “business-IT relationship” and you’ll find scores of articles on the topic; it even has its own Wikipedia entry. Is there any C-level executive who gets poked, prodded or questioned more than the CIO? I don’t hear much discussion or debate about the business-finance...

By · Mar 15, 2017

Improving Content Marketing with AI
The Next Wave: Improving Content Marketing with AI

There’s a trending topic getting the growing attention of tech marketers – Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept has been around for decades and most of us use it everyday without thinking about it. However, AI represents the next wave in marketing innovation for tech marketers and will become more prevalent in 2017 and beyond. AI is a collection of technologies and algorithms that do things...

By · Mar 10, 2017

Pipeline Activator
Announcing Pipeline Activator™ from IDG

Today IDG is excited to announce the launch of Pipeline Activator, a predictive intelligence engine that helps accelerate global sales opportunities from customers’ most valuable clients. Available via subscription, Pipeline Activator from IDG is the latest addition to ABM360TM. IDG launched ABM360, its comprehensive account-based marketing suite as the only global account-based marketing solution...

By · Mar 8, 2017

Chief Marketing Technologist
Marketing Career Path – Is Your Next Role Chief Marketing Technologist?

Digital Transformation…Marketing Automation…Data & Analytics…Artificial Intelligence…To not only succeed, but thrive, organizations are taking a digital centric approach, and marketers are in the thick of it. Fortunately, marketers have a partner in the CIO when making tech decisions. In fact, 93% of CIOs said they are involved in MarTech purchases¹. But as technology continues to drive...

By · Mar 2, 2017

Publisher-as-Agency? Nothing Wrong with That

We’ve been talking for some time about how brands are becoming publishers. We’ve also been hearing about how publishers are becoming agencies. Not everyone is happy with this evolution. Scott Donaton, chief content officer at Digitas, recently stated his case for why publishers should stop “masquerading” as ad agencies. Donaton seems unhappy that publishers are launching brand studios or building...

By · Feb 22, 2017