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Video – One Essential Tool in Your Content Marketing Toolbox

We live in a video-centric world. According to popular stats, consumers and buyers spend 1/3 of their online time watching videos. It’s no different among technology decision makers, according to IDG Enterprise’s 2017 Customer Engagement Survey: 95% of tech decision-makers watch technology-related videos Where are they watching? 71% watch on vendor websites 65% watch on YouTube/video channels 64%...

By · Jun 26, 2017

security breaches
The Hidden Costs of Breaches

Employees aren’t always the source of enterprise data breaches, but according to the Global State of Information Security Survey (conducted each year by PwC, CSO and CIO) they remain on the top of most likely suspects. Although a motivated attacker is difficult to defend against, anything you can do to mitigate the risk from “drive-by” attacks, that your employees can fall victim to, will help...

By · Jun 15, 2017

Content Marketing ROI
How to Measure the ROI of Your Content Marketing

One of the key insights from the recently released Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) Technology Content Marketing 2017 report is that marketers are still having trouble determining KPIs and ascribing ROI measures to their content efforts. It is not that surprising as gauging the impact of your whole content plan or even a single piece of content is a bit more difficult that commonly believed. As...

By · May 23, 2017

CMI Research
Tech Marketers Show Commitment to Content Marketing; Now Comes the Hard Part

Technology marketers are making steady progress with content marketing. As their “brand as publisher” strategies take root, the next step for many will center on more precise measurement and an evolving strategy defined by a more diverse content mix. The Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) recently released Technology Content Marketing 2017 report paints a positive picture of tech marketers’...

By · May 3, 2017

Designing Content
Great Content and Brilliant Design – You Need Both. Now Let’s Stop Arguing.

Great content can get lost with poor visual design. Or, to flip it around, good visual design enhances storytelling. This isn’t news to anyone in the world of content marketing. What’s surprising, though, is the number of people who still need convincing. Not only does good visual design enhance storytelling, good design is critical to connecting with your audience—and possibly even closing the...

By · Apr 27, 2017

Influencer Marketing
The Rise of B2B Influencer Marketing

One of the most promising and growing areas of B2B marketing is influencer marketing. A good definition of influencer marketing comes from Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing Agency: ‘Influencer Marketing is the practice of engaging internal and industry experts/influencers with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.’ These influencers can help promote your content with added...

By · Apr 18, 2017

Native Advertising
Native Advertising: Do It Right or Don’t Bother

When the great journalist Jimmy Breslin passed away last week, the New York Daily News republished a magnificent column he wrote on the night in December 1980 that John Lennon was shot, telling the tale of the cops who drove a dying Lennon to the hospital. The column was a powerful, poignant example of Breslin’s masterful skill as a storyteller. Just as noteworthy, to me at least, was the juxtaposition...

By · Mar 30, 2017

Targeted Marketing
Driving More Personalized and Targeted Marketing Strategies

Since launching Pipeline Activator™ two weeks ago, the data made available to subscribers through the service has evolved. This is because data isn’t static; it’s representative of a moment in time. IDG understands how data evolves, and our ongoing research programs make our first-party data the industry’s most recent and relevant. As the world’s largest media, data, and marketing...

By · Mar 22, 2017

Interactive Digital Experience
What’s Next for Content Marketing? The Interactive Digital Experience.

We live in a visual world. Gone are the days of black and white columns of type. Today’s modern culture expects—even demands—visual presentation. Or visual clues. Or just visual content to play with, interact with, and disseminate. For B2B marketing experts, we know words can’t be written in a vacuum, without considering the digital presentation. This is true whether you’re talking about...

By · Mar 16, 2017

Pipeline Activator
Driving Productivity and Increasing Effectiveness of Your Sales Efforts

Last week, IDG announced the launch of Pipeline Activator™, a predictive intelligence engine that helps accelerate global sales opportunities from our customers’ most valuable clients. I am excited that we have expanded IDG’s account-based marketing solution to the even greater benefit of our clients. IDG designed Pipeline Activator for technology sales and marketing professionals who want to...

By · Mar 15, 2017