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This team of storytellers transforms technology marketplace insights into a cohesive narrative to help inform tech marketers of the quickly transforming digital enterprise and the tools available to engage the tech decision-makers making these decisions. With expertise in and enthusiasm for marketing strategy, social media, content marketing, research, analytics and more—all wrapped up in a beautiful design—the IDG Enterprise Marketing team is a relied upon resource and partner with the sales, events, strategic marketing services and editorial teams.

Being marketing savvy is only a small part of what makes this team special. The bond built over food holidays (particularly cheese-based), wine, a fondness of pets and a combination of whacky personalities—a pinch of sarcasm mixed with a lot of laughs—is what keeps this team running.


IDG Enterprise Marketing Department
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Articles by IDG Enterprise

IoT Security
Security and the Rise of IoT in the Enterprise

2017 Global State of Information Security Survey Video on IoT IoT is taking over both personal and professional lives from webcams to operational technology and 62% of organizations are addressing the adoption of IoT. Bob Bragdon, SVP/publisher of CSO, shares insights on a recent DDoS attack (what it is and how it happened due to IoT), as well as details from the 2017 Global State of Information Security...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 22, 2017

2017 B2B Video Marketing Trends

It’s predicted that videos will be responsible for 74% of all Internet traffic by 2017¹. Tech marketers are not just sitting by and waiting to give video a try–they are jumping in, with 89% already using video in their content marketing plans² to engage their customers. And this tactic seems to be working with 69% of them finding video to be one of their most effective content marketing tactics. So...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 21, 2017

Digital Disruption and The Network

According to Network World’s 2017 State of the Network research, network professionals expect their job to become more challenging within the next year. Due to their tactical and strategic tech role, these individuals prove to be driving tech enablement, collaboration and innovation. LEARN MORE IN THE 2017 STATE OF THE NETWORK EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The “Digital Disruption and The Network”...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 20, 2017

Using Events as a Primary Channel in Your Content Marketing Strategy
Using Events as a Primary Channel in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Businesses are moving from fast paced to hyper speed, and technology is a leading factor in this advancement. To keep up, CIOs and their teams rely on peers for best practices and advice on everything from successes to hiccups. In fact, the number one factor that creates trust in information is the recommendation of a peer. With 38% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) preferring to receive advice in-person...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 8, 2017

Smart Content Marketing + Sales Enablement + Marketing & Sales Alignment = Customer Experience (CX)
2017 Customer Engagement Research

Digital transformation emphasizes the role of technology in driving business forward. In turn, this puts more pressure on technology decision makers to be aware of new technologies and solutions that will help them drive their business forward. Because of this, they seek out more information as they self-educate. But not just any information.  Tech marketers needs to know what information tech buyers...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 8, 2017

Demand Generation Priorities of Tech Marketers

Technology marketers are focused on developing content to fuel their demand generation efforts. In a recent study content marketing and content creation were ranked as the most critical objective in support of their tech marketing strategy, and aligning content to their demand generation strategy is the #1 area of demand gen investment. Looking specifically at lead gen activity, tech marketers expect...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 8, 2017

Pipeline Activator from IDG

Turn your target account list into actionable sales Successful account-based marketing requires more than just a target account list. Without intelligence about who is likely to purchase next, sales and marketing teams risk losing important opportunities. Pipeline Activator is the latest addition to IDG’s suite of account-based marketing services, ABM360. The Software as a Service solution is available...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 8, 2017

Computerworld Forecast Study 2017

The 2017 Computerworld Forecast Study is conducted to determine IT priorities for 2017 in areas such as spending, staffing and technology. New this year, the study takes a closer look at digital disruption and the technologies associated with transformation. Key findings: IT decision-makers mostly plan to keep their current levels of investment in technology steady, with enterprises more likely to...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 6, 2017

Chief Marketing Technologist
Marketing Career Path – Is Your Next Role Chief Marketing Technologist?

Digital Transformation…Marketing Automation…Data & Analytics…Artificial Intelligence…To not only succeed, but thrive, organizations are taking a digital centric approach, and marketers are in the thick of it. Fortunately, marketers have a partner in the CIO when making tech decisions. In fact, 93% of CIOs said they are involved in MarTech purchases¹. But as technology continues to drive...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Mar 2, 2017

State of the Network
Network Professionals – Tech Influencers & Collaborators

Based on our past research we know that IT leads the tech purchase process, and more individuals are becoming involved throughout the process. Insight from the 2017 State of the Network research shows that one growing influencer is the network professional. As technology evolves, 87% of network professionals agree that their role is becoming more challenging. And why is this? It could have something...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing · Feb 17, 2017