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Tag: mobile

In BYOD Discussions, Security is Key

Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) adoption will continue to expand and IT leaders need to develop strategies that tie business value to CITE, according to IDG Enterprise’s recent Consumerization of IT Research. With this said, 60% of organizations...

Is Your Content as Accessible as It Should Be?

According to a study conducted by IDG Research, 57% of smartphone and 31% of tablet users engage with content on their mobile device. IDG Enterprise’s Customer Engagement research, however, revealed that mobile content access has several limitations....

Evolve to Where Your Customers Are

Media audiences continue to embrace new technologies and social media and react positively to sophisticated and targeted content. This provides media producers and marketers the opportunity to engage their target audience using the technologies that they...

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Setting Your Mobile Strategy

Mobile is no longer just a consumer or Gen-Y platform, but a pervasive force in business today. In fact 77% of IT executives think mobility is very important/important as an enabler of business innovation, and 45% of enterprise organizations’ IT departments...

Why 2011 Is the Year of the Tablet

I’m still thinking about the fascinating projection that 70 million tablet computers—50 million of them iPads—will be sold in the United States this year and next. The source was eMarketer, the respected digital marketing and media researcher, which...

Three Great Reads for CIOs

Here at CIO’s Boston-area headquarters, the dead of winter gets frosty enough to make you want to sit by the fire with a great book, or perhaps an e-book downloaded to your Kindle, iPad or tablet PC. I did that recently with these three very different...

“Art” vs “Science” of Media: Time to Transition to Science of Media

Advanced skill sets and knowledge, as well as streamlined processes, can be the differentiating factors between two organizations, elevating one to a competitive advantage. Decisions made by the marketing department can help widen this competitive gap....

Top Ten Business Predictions for 2011

It’s the time of year for bold and brazen predictions, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon with my forecast of the Top 10 trends, priorities and events of 2011: (more…)

Social Media: Amplifying your Voice

Professional and personal communications are evolving with the growing number of social media tools and mobile applications available. Individuals are willing to share their lives with the world and are expecting instant response to their tweets and posts...

Media Technologies to Watch

We live and work in a fast-paced, increasingly mobile society, where people need to stay connected to the pulse of what is happening in their business and the world in order to stay competitive. As a resource for these information consumers, media companies...