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2017 State of the Network Executive Summary

Technology goals and solutions continue to evolve, and network professionals find their roles even more central to their organizations’ transformation. Network World’s 2017 State of the Network survey looks at the role of the network team as new tech investments grow and security awareness heightens, with a focus on network technologies such as software-defined networking, virtualization, converged...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jan 10, 2017

Future Technology Spending Plans – Computerworld Forecast 2017

Each year, Computerworld conducts a study to forecast organizations’ technology spending plans for the upcoming year. According to the 2017 Computerworld Forecast Study, IT organizations are seeking stability even as they increasingly adopt new technologies. Some key findings include: Enterprise organizations (those with 1,000+ employees) expect an increase in technology budgets for the upcoming...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Dec 7, 2016

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The Connection Between Security and Data & Analytics

Security is a consistent theme when talking about data and analytics, whether it be using data to better monitor and keep tabs on the security of your services, or using security solutions to protect your data. IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Data & Analytics research explains the importance of joining security and data, how organizations are able to use data to secure themselves, and the strategies and...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Dec 6, 2016

Today’s Cloud Focus & Motivators

It’s no doubt that the concept of cloud computing has gone from being an emerging technology to a mainstream powerhouse fueled by various services and used among all organizations. IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Cloud Computing research helps explain this shift – ranging from who’s involved in these cloud purchase decisions, the goals they hope to achieve, and the challenges that may be hindering the...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Nov 17, 2016

how technology purchase decisions are made
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Learn How Technology Purchase Decisions Are Made

“Enterprise Technology Decisions Become a Business Priority” – a white paper from IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study The days of technology purchases being made in a silo by just the IT department have come to an end. Technology purchase decisions are now very much a whole business issue as shown by the results of the 2016 IDG Enterprise...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Sep 7, 2016

Enterprise Architects: Bridging IT & Business

Enterprise architects are more important than ever before as every current and future business project has a technology component. They are the key players responsible for creating a teamwork mentality between today’s tech focused professionals and business leaders. Based on the 2016 Enterprise Architect Persona research, this infographic outlines the demographics of the architect, their involvement...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Aug 18, 2016

The Landscape of Data & Analytics

As organizations deal with constantly growing amounts of data, it is becoming more difficult to generate value from existing and incoming data. Data & analytics tools continue to progress, and organization’s realize the benefit obtained by these tools, but as marketers it can be difficult to keep track of the goals your customers desire and the tools they plan to use to achieve them....

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Aug 10, 2016

Data & Analytics 2016 Executive Summary

Organizations continue to see the transformative possibilities of data and analytics, but as more companies collect an always-increasing amount of data, they’re actively looking for ways to derive additional value from it. IDG Enterprise’s 2016 Data & Analytics research goes deeper into this process to find out organization’s next steps.  Contents:  Big Data and Its Uses Keep...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jul 29, 2016

Next Gen Enterprise Developers

Expanding off of InfoWorld’s “The Rise of the Developer” TechPersona research and previous infographic, the “Next Gen Enterprise Developers” infographic delves into the influence that millennials bring to application development. Enterprise developers are moving out of the shadow of IT, and millennials are looking to help lead the way through collaboration, leadership...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Jul 19, 2016