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Tech Influencer Network
Why We’re Creating a Tech Influencer Network for the Next Phase Of Content Marketing

Technology marketers are pretty much all-in on content marketing – but less than one-third feel they’re effective at it. Many are struggling to deliver a consistent rhythm of credible content that resonates with the IT and business decision-makers they’re targeting. IDG’s 2016 Customer Engagement study underscores the challenges that technology marketers face in getting the attention of IT...

By Rob O'Regan· Sep 29, 2016

Future Marketers
Want to Excel at Content Marketing? Be Sure to Hire Experts in Emerging Technologies

A few weeks back I wrote about the future of content marketing, predicting that “tomorrow’s marketing content will be highly visual, often interactive, personalized whenever possible, and 100% mobile optimized.” To me, interactive content marketing has the biggest “cool” factor, as it usually involves blending together one or more emerging technologies with design, enthusiasm, and some form...

By Barbara R. Call· Sep 27, 2016

State of the CIO 2017

For those of you familiar with our flagship State of the CIO report, this is the time of year when we field the survey that we use to collect the data from which we glean the insights for our annual look at the status of IT leaders in the business world. We do a lot of research here at CIO, but perhaps none of our projects is as widely anticipated as State of the CIO. The results of this survey give...

By Adam Dennison· Sep 20, 2016

Out of Office Tips
Making Your Email Signature and Out of Office Message Work Harder

Marketers have a pretty strong track record for finding ways to promote products and services to captive audiences…adding TVs to elevators and taxis for commercials, branding on airplane tray tables, and yes, even signs on the back of bathroom stall doors. However, sometimes people overlook the opportunity to share subtle (and not so subtle) messaging in every day communications, like email signatures...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Sep 20, 2016

customization disconnect
Customization Disconnect?

Customizing content to align with your target audiences’ information needs is one of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter and get people to engage with you. In fact, 92% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) value tailored content (up from 83% in 2014).1 This highlights the complexity of tech marketing because it adds layers to your content development and it leaves open the question of how...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Sep 17, 2016

Building Marketing Analytics Strategies
How to Create a Marketing Analytics Plan

Everyone in B2B marketing is talking about the importance of data & analytics, measurement, KPIs, ROI and other metrics based tactics. However, it often remains an afterthought or done in a reactive manor to report to management on a campaign. With data becoming more integral for tech marketers, it is time to adopt a more formal process; and to develop an analytics strategy and plan for your marketing...

By Gordon Plutsky· Sep 13, 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts for Social Media

We all know that social media is a crucial part of any marketing plan. But when something takes as much time and effort as managing your social media accounts, wouldn’t it be great to have a few shortcuts to help save time? Well, Makeawebsitehub.com put together a very handy infographic that shows keyboard shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Google+. Check it out: Social Media Keyboard...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Aug 23, 2016

10 Data & Analytics Bloggers to Follow Today

Data is the new currency in our always changing technology environment, but it’s not easy to harness that data, or create value from it. According to the IDG Enterprise 2016 Data & Analytics research, only 26% of organizations have already deployed their data-driven projects, and 43% are still planning their data implementations. As marketers of data focused products and solutions, it is essential...

By IDG Enterprise Marketing· Aug 10, 2016

What Does the Future of Content Marketing Look Like?

The term “content marketing” has been around for a while, and most organizations are using some kind of content (blogs, infographics, white papers, videos) to identify and/or nurture leads through their chosen channel (websites, social, email). But what does the future hold for content marketing? Turns out, just like our technology clients, whose businesses are being turned inside out by the digital...

By Barbara R. Call· Aug 3, 2016

SEO Tips
Using Content Quality to Improve Your SEO Results

There has been buzz in the search engine optimization (SEO) community about some recent changes to the way Google’s algorithm ranks sites for organic search. It is part of the ongoing efforts to deliver results that provide searchers with the payoff to their questions and queries. When IT buyers want answers to vexing tech solution questions they usually turn to Google first and see what kind of...

By Gordon Plutsky· Jul 22, 2016