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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

Research Reports

2014 U.S. State of Cybercrime Security

CSO and PwC teamed-up with the CERT® Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the United States Secret Service to conduct the annual survey to gain a better understanding of cybercrime trends within U.S. organizations.

The [...]

2014 Navigating IT: Objectives & Obstacles

The 2014 Navigating IT: Objectives and Obstacles survey provides comprehensive information on the current priorities and challenges of the InfoWorld audience, and how these priorities are impacting the focus of IT organizations. The results highlight key differences in future technology [...]

CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook

The CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook study was conducted among heads of IT to gauge tech spending, budgets & objectives.

Key findings include:

  • CIOs are optimistic on the growth of IT budgets
  • There is a shift in budget allocation away from core technologies & toward edge [...]

Network World Technology Influencer Study 2014

The annual Tech Influencer research provides a dynamic view of buying process trends among the Network World audience. The goal of the study was to gain a better understanding of the role Network World’s audience plays in the technology buying decisions at their organization, as well as to identify tech purchase levels for the next year and what or who influences those purchases.[…]

CSO’s Security Buying Dynamics Study 2014

CSO’s Security Buying Dynamics Study 2014 was conducted to gain a better understanding of the evolving role and influence of security decision-makers in today’s enterprise organizations (1,000+ employees), and highlight their involvement throughout the IT security purchase process.

CSO White Paper: Understanding The Security Buyer 2014

With corporate security incidents increasing 33% in the last year, CSOs need direction on how and where to focus efforts and resources. This white paper identifies where CSOs need the most help and what they are looking for in products and solutions.

IDG Enterprise Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Study 2014

The IDG Enterprise Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) survey was conducted to gain a better understanding of consumer technologies being used in the enterprise today, and how those technologies are enabling innovation. [...]

Computerworld 2014 State of the Enterprise

The 2014 Computerworld “State of the Enterprise” research was conducted with the objective of understanding how today’s enterprises are evolving to be more competitive, through the use of technology.

Key findings include:

  • Enterprises are looking to boost productivity, cut operating costs and focus on finding [...]

Enterprise IT at the Crossroads: Network World Whitepaper

As the digital revolution continues to reshape the IT landscape, Enterprise IT faces some high-stakes decisions and pressure to move on those decisions quickly. Network World’s whitepaper explores how the confluence of digital disruptors—such as cloud and mobile— are driving transformative change at [...]

Technologies’ Impact on the Network: Network World Infographic

Technologies’ Impact on the Network Infographic illustrates the technologies impacting the network and pinpoints where IT executives are with initiatives within existing and emerging technologies. It is designed to be a useful resource to help tech marketers position their products/solutions and messaging more [...]