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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

Examining the Marketplace

Research is invaluable in connecting marketers with customers and prospects. Our research portfolio explores our audiences’ perspectives and challenges around specific technologies, examines the changing roles within the IT purchase process, and arms IT marketers with the information they need to identify opportunities. To receive a presentation of results from any of our studies, or to explore custom research opportunities, contact us.


Buying Process

Each year we take a deep dive into the enterprise IT purchase process to learn more about who is involved and, who influences the decision-making as well as to gain insight into the information sources purchases rely on – to keep up to date with technology, and throughout the purchase process – and how they feel about the vendors they’re working with.

Technology Insights

Each year we explore the technologies that are top of mind among our audiences to understand the business challenges, drivers, and adoption within the enterprise. Each research study is designed to help IT marketers understand what their customers are focused on and where the market is moving.

Custom Research

Whether you’re looking for a quick five-question survey, in-depth look into a specific technology, or an interactive benchmarking tool, our custom studies can provide the information you need. We leverage our audience and research expertise to generate results that provide insight, content or leads – whatever your projects goals are. More information on how custom research can fuel your programs available here.

Research Reports Available Use this tool to chart your audience needs

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Best Places to Work
BI & Analytics
BYOT Survey
CIO Tech Poll
Consumerization of IT
CW Open Source
Data Center
Economic Impact Survey
Enterprise IT
Forecast Survey
Global Info Security Survey
IPv6 Survey
IT Role & Influence
ITworld Audience Engagement
Navigating IT/
Enterprise Data Explosion
Outsourced Services
Salary Survey
State of the CSO
State of the Network
Tech Buying Process Survey

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