Mobile’s Impact on the Enterprise

The goal of the IDG Enterprise Mobility survey was to explore how organizations are investing in mobile technology – now and in the future – as well as the important challenges or barriers to implementing mobile solutions, and factors used to evaluate technologies. It also looked at how IT is addressing management and support of mobile devices and platforms, and how the proliferation of mobile technologies is effecting organizations on a company-wide scale, and within the IT organization.

Key Findings Include:

  • Almost half (48%) of the respondents reported that mobile technology investments are being driven by business strategy, rather than shaping it.
  • Gaining productivity advantages (86%) and improving customer support or services are the top drivers of investment in mobile technology.
  • Although over one third (both SMBs and Enterprises) report that only 5% or less of their IT budget is allocated to mobility solutions, both expect to see a budget increase in the next 12 months.
  • The top three challenges or barriers for implementing a mobility strategy are expenses for development and deployment (41%), vulnerability of networks when accessed via mobile devices (42%) and the security of mobile devices (35%).
  • Mobile technology is creating new demands on IT as it is increasingly impacting the level of technology integration (79%) and demand for new applications by end users (66%).
  • Due to the use and impact of mobile technology there is an increase for IT to provide specialized IT skills (77%) and enablement of anytime/anywhere access to critical business data and accomplishments (77%).
  • IT is heavily involved in the mobility purchase process.

The 2012 Mobility Study was conducted between May 2, 2012 and June 7, 2012 through IDG Enterprise brands, via pop-ups on sites, newsletters and email invitations. Results are based on 671 respondents who are involved in the purchase process of mobile products and services at their organization.

For more information on this study, view the excerpt below. To receive the complete study results contact Sue Yanovitch.