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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

Innovation in Engagement Across All Channels

Become a relevant part of today’s conversations with customers and prospects—and drive engagement— by leveraging our editorial expertise, audience knowledge, brand affinity, established communities and distribution models. With deep expertise in content creation, research, custom events, multimedia, email marketing, lead nurturing and more, we deliver top-notch services to the BtoB technology marketplace.

Converged Marketing

There has been a transformation in the way marketers look at media that is creating a new marketing model called Converged Marketing. IDG Enterprise layers the 4Cs (Content, Community, Conversation and Commerce) across all media, supplying advertisers with the tools they need to connect with their audiences no matter where those audiences are, or what platform or device they are using.

Strategic Content Services

Strategic Content Services is the perfect content solution for technology marketers who publish via their own platforms and channels in an effort to attract, educate and engage IT audiences directly. We leverage our expertise in creating content for the IT audience (targeting a specific segment, topic, or industry) and expand on that value by delivering content that is designed to optimize the power of the Web.

Lead Services

Knowledge is power, and nowhere is that more important than when you’re talking about customers. Advances in technology can be used to tie the lead ecosystem together and help marketer’s make smarter campaign decisions and produce more effective leads to move their business forward. Because of our readers’ engagement with our content, we can better target and engage your prospects. Our lead-focused services will take you from attracting the right audience, all the way through lead nurturing to optimize your campaign.

Sample Programs: Features & Benefits Use this tool to chart your audience needs

Sample Programs Brand Awareness Community Builder Custom Content Lead Generation Mobile
Research Social Footprint Thought Leadership
White Paper/Case Study
Market Pulse
Community Works
Knowledge Vault
White Paper Configurator
Custom Content
Benchmarking Tools
Custom Events
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