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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

The Most Trusted IT Media Brands

The distinct editorial voices of the IDG Enterprise brands serve the unique information needs of their audiences. Each issue is expertly assembled to create a tailored package of content addressing the topics of greatest interest to that audience. And each issue a dynamic opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership, product or service innovation, or new ways to meet business objectives.


Print Magazines

Our editorial teams have a laser-like focus on the information needs of their readership, building a loyal and engaged following for each of the publications. This results in an audience that takes the time to read each issue and engage with the content. For IT marketers, our access to these audiences, and ‘trusted source’ status, translates to a shorter path for you to engage with customers and prospects.

Digital Issues

Developed by the same editorial teams that bring you the publications and websites, our topic-specific digital issues drill deep into identified areas of interest. Messages are surrounded with pertinent content providing readers with actionable information and solutions – the perfect combination–in a cohesive digital package. The immediacy of the digital format provides a direct response for readers seeking more depth, and a lead generation mechanism for marketers.

Custom Magazines

Custom magazines – print or digital – create a meaningful platform for marketers to engage and build trusting relationships with customers and prospects. They can be used to create a one-time impact around a specific topic, or an ongoing educational channel and brand awareness vehicle to build thought leadership with your customers. Whatever your goal, IDG Enterprise has the deep content and audience expertise you need, along with established distribution channels.

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