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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

Lead Services

Enhancing Marketing Campaigns to Engage IT and Security Decision-Makers

In today’s fast paced world of multiple information channels, it is important to connect with IT decision-makers when and where they are seeking information. With our robust content and brand affinity, IDG Enterprise sites are where IT and security professionals turn for answers.

In addition to our premium demand generation programs, IDG Enterprise sites offer enhanced online reporting and lead nurturing, and targeted account services.


LeadAccel provides the knowledge needed to determine the next stages in communication or sales engagement to accelerate the purchase process. By knowing topic specific engagement of customers and prospects, this program nurtures them through the purchase process based on interest leading to a deeper level of relevancy.

lead qualification process

LeadAccel includes three lead-focused services to help you understanding how your leads are engaging with your campaigns and educational assets:

  • Lead Reporting: reports qualified lead demographic data and topic-specific assets accessed by source– advertiser, all vendors, and editorial content–creating a topic engagement profile.
  • Lead Scoring: combines campaign goals and criteria, with prospects’ interest in a specific topic, to create an actionable score for each lead.
  • Lead Nurturing: creates a nurture path to move prospects through the purchase process by serving assets in an ordered sequence, timed to deliver leads that have reached the scoring target.

In addition Lead Consulting Services provides expert guidance on best practices to ensure a successful campaign, ongoing campaign analysis to guide leads through the nurturing program, and campaign analysis/reporting for recommendations on future programs. Real Time CRM Integration allows campaigns to synch with customers CRM system in real time, allowing immediate follow up.

Targeted Account Management

Targeted Account Management directs a company’s lead generation initiatives to individuals at their targeted client list. This opportunity allows marketers to leverage IDG Enterprise’s audience of 8.5 million combined monthly unique visitors and engage the multiple decision makers involved in the purchase process.