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IDG Enterprise - An IDG Communications Company

Reach 8 Million Tech-Savvy Site Visitors

73% of IT professionals identify tech content sites as their #1 source to keep up to date with new technologies. With dynamic content that fosters community, our award-winning sites are trusted sources for more than 8 million unique monthly visitors. Deep editorial and industry expertise combine the educational resources IT decision-makers need with connection and engagement tactics for successful marketing.
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Ad units that integrate branding, lead gen, mobile, social and video to drive optimal engagement and visibility are, well… smart. Our focus is on increasing ad engagement by creating interactive formats built to deliver advertisers’ content in a compelling way.

Mobile B2B

Connecting buyers and sellers – the B2B ecosystem – through the continuous development and innovative design of products for mobile use is the wave of NOW. IT professionals expect to access information anytime, anywhere, and our mobile programs put advertisers’ messaging right into the hands of this influential audience.

Enhanced Lead Programs

The unmatched breadth of relevant content on our sites allows us to examine each visitor’s areas of interest – what they are researching and reading about. By layering lead generation, targeting, scoring and nurturing over that content consumption, we can provide additional purchase process and engagement information about customers and prospects to optimize your campaigns.

Position Matrix: Use this tool to chart your audience needs

Brand      CIO 4c logo_no tag JavaWorld_2012
Position The Voice of Business Technology Ahead of the Technology Curve The Connected Enterprise Business Technology Leadership Business Risk Leadership The IT Problem-Solving Network The Leading Independent Java Developer Resource
Unique visitors/month 3.5 million 1.6 million 1.6 million 1.5 million 243,983 967,360 520,430
Page views/month 6.6 million 4.7 million 4.3 million 4 million 601,892 2 million 1 million

*Omniture data, 6 month average January 2015 – June 2015

IDG Enterprise Leads Policy

Pricing represents worldwide leads with no filters/criteria. A maximum of 10 competitors will be accepted to be filtered out of a campaign. IDG Enterprise removes bogus and duplicate leads. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users. Lead criteria is available for an additional investment.

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