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Outsource Your Content Marketing
Want to Outsource Your Content Marketing? Here’s What Your Content Partner Needs to Know.

You’ve decided to outsource your content marketing. You’ve hired a trusted partner, such as IDG Strategic Marketing Services, to bring your ideas to life.  To hit the mark with the content we develop—whether that’s videos, white papers, blogs, tweets, or infographics—we need your help at the outset. To give us both the best chance of success on all fronts, be sure to consider these questions...

By · Feb 14, 2017

Tech Content Marketing
5 Tips to Add Heart to Your Tech Content Marketing

Alyssa has been preparing content marketing assets to promote her cloud solution. Her assets haven’t generated the response she’d like, and she’s finding it downright hard to cut through media noise and clutter. To convince her target they need her solution, she needs a new approach…. One approach for Alyssa to consider is to weave the art of storytelling into her assets. Storytelling has been...

By · Feb 7, 2017

Marketing Intelligence Tools
Insights from Inbound: The Use of Marketing Intelligence Tools

The topics focused on and lessons learned at the various sessions put on at Inbound 2016 were truly inspiring and eye-opening. At a time when news headlines suggest that we are moving backwards on certain issues, Inbound reinforced the positive growth and future that technology can offer organizations, especially the marketing department. Technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), was a...

By · Jan 26, 2017

Secuirty a business mandate
Security: A Business Mandate

If we’ve learned nothing else over the past several years, I hope that we’ve at least come to understand that security is everyone’s responsibility. At CSOonline.com, story after story has documented how the largest and most impactful security events have been facilitated by poor security practices, or even simple security oversights. These don’t just occur in the core of our computing environments,...

By · Jan 24, 2017

Context in Content Marketing
Context Marketing – the Essential Complement to Content Marketing

Google the word “context” and here’s the definition: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed. Context is essential in communication. A comment, idea, or opinion that’s delivered without context often feels socially awkward, as in “where did that come from?” If you’re on the receiving end you’ve...

By · Jan 5, 2017

Insights from Inbound: Being Remarkable & Memorable

Getting out of the office to refresh your thinking is one of those activities that we all know we should do more of, but is easier said than done. Having recently attended the Inbound Conference in Boston, the rewards were reinforced by the new ways of thinking, ideas to apply when back in the office and even new words and phrases learned. One new word – edgecrafting – really caught my ear. While...

By · Dec 20, 2016

Content Marketing Tips
Five Ways to Up Your B2B Marketing Game in 2017

At the recent Ad Tech/New York, Geoff Ramsey of eMarketer gave an eye opening keynote address on the topic of media consumption as he unleashed a blizzard of stats and facts. A few key takeaways: The amount of time people spend per day with media has increased from 11 hours in 2010 to 12:05, and we are reaching the saturation point. Much of this increase is due to the use of multiple devices at the...

By · Dec 16, 2016

10 Security Bloggers to Follow Today

Whether we like it or not, security risks are here to stay and organizations must learn to mitigate threats and implement safe practices. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey 2017, 43% of large businesses are reporting phishing accidents and 59% of organizations said they have increased cybersecurity spending as a result of digitization of their business ecosystem. While providing...

By · Dec 7, 2016

10 Cloud Computing Bloggers to Follow Today

Cloud technology is constantly expanding with new as-a-Service models popping up as businesses migrate new parts of their business to the cloud. Latest IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing research reports that 70% of organizations have at least one application in the cloud, and 56% are still identifying IT operations that are candidates for cloud hosting. With all of these changes occurring, tech marketers...

By · Nov 2, 2016