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Engaging Customers with Content Marketing

The recently released 2016 Content Marketing research from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) & MarketingProfs shows that tech marketers continue to increase their use of content marketing – 95% of tech marketers use content marketing. In fact, tech marketers are the most likely to use content marketing out of all of the verticals measured. However, it can be challenging to produce the right...

By · May 25, 2016

Shifting Roles in the Tech Purchase Process

Each year within the Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study, we ask “Including yourself, which of the following groups are involved in each stage of the tech purchase process at your organization?” In general, line of business management and the CIO are the most likely to be involved in the earliest stage when determining the business need, and the CIO is most frequently cited...

By · May 3, 2016

What to know about CIO roles and responsibilities

Personas: We know we need to deeply understand them in order to market effectively. So, if you’re trying to reach CIOs and other heads of IT, it is crucial to understand their roles and responsibilities within their organizations as part of that persona. One of the most important things to realize about the role of a CIO is that it is fluid and ever-changing. According to the 2016 State of the CIO...

By · Apr 27, 2016

Using Empathy and Authenticity to Fuel B2B Marketing

I’ve had the good fortune of speaking to a number of business and marketing leaders from startups and established companies to discuss how they are driving growth and change in their organizations. You can see some of our latest conversations here. A few key themes continue to emerge throughout our dialogue related to the art and science of modern marketing. On the art side, empathy and authenticity,...

By · Mar 23, 2016

Overlooking a Critical IT Role? Better Think Again.

Sixteen. That is the total number of people influencing enterprise technology purchases at large organizations (more than 1,000 employees).* That may seem like a big number when it means that your message needs to reach not only your initial contact, but sometimes individuals across the organization and up the chain to top IT and LOB leaders. So, who are the influencers that may be playing a more strategic...

By · Mar 3, 2016

The CIO/CSO Imperative: Strategic Conversations, Collaborative Partnership & Technology Involvement

Digital transformation in today’s business environment makes security even more of a priority. In the past year alone, the number of security incidents that occurred at enterprise organizations rose to more than 9,000;* and once exposure occurs, it’s too late. In the 2015 CIO/CSO Partnership Survey, 57% of top IT executives said that once a major security breach is publicized, the most common internal...

By · Feb 16, 2016

The Best Security is a Good Offense

In almost every aspect of our current day-to-day activities, security is a high concern. Whether it’s what to access on the internet, where to save your passwords, or the future of transportation (i.e. self-driving cars), we must always be up to speed on warning signs and happenings. Although 2014 was a busy year for security incidents in enterprise organizations, the number of incidents still managed...

By · Feb 4, 2016

Growth in 2016: With a Focus on Security & Cloud

IT organizations are finally able to reclaim the ground they lost in the Great Recession and are moving forward with an eye toward growth. According to the 2016 Computerworld Forecast Study, more tech decision-makers are expecting their budgets to increase (46%) than to stay the same (42%) – a contrast from last year when flat budgets outnumbered growing budget expectations. Those who are optimistic...

By · Jan 29, 2016

How are tech dollars being spent in 2016?

Everywhere you turn business leaders are talking about creating a digital business, so it is no surprise that technology continues to be seen as an area to enhance business strategy. According to the CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2016, the tech dollars to make this happen are there. Over the course of this year, half of organizations will see their technology budgets increase as they work towards...

By · Jan 6, 2016

Cloud: Fundamental to Everything, Yet Always Evolving

To no surprise, the movement of cloud adoption has grown year over year and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Companies have quickly shifted from planning to use cloud to actually using it. As cloud technologies continue to evolve due to varying business needs and today’s dynamic technology market, organizations aren’t settling, but, rather, are still looking to use the technology more....

By · Dec 15, 2015