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The Best Security is a Good Offense

In almost every aspect of our current day-to-day activities, security is a high concern. Whether it’s what to access on the internet, where to save your passwords, or the future of transportation (i.e. self-driving cars), we must always be up to speed on warning signs and happenings. Although 2014 was a busy year for security incidents in enterprise organizations, the number of incidents still managed...

By · Feb 4, 2016

Growth in 2016: With a Focus on Security & Cloud

IT organizations are finally able to reclaim the ground they lost in the Great Recession and are moving forward with an eye toward growth. According to the 2016 Computerworld Forecast Study, more tech decision-makers are expecting their budgets to increase (46%) than to stay the same (42%) – a contrast from last year when flat budgets outnumbered growing budget expectations. Those who are optimistic...

By · Jan 29, 2016

How are tech dollars being spent in 2016?

Everywhere you turn business leaders are talking about creating a digital business, so it is no surprise that technology continues to be seen as an area to enhance business strategy. According to the CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2016, the tech dollars to make this happen are there. Over the course of this year, half of organizations will see their technology budgets increase as they work towards...

By · Jan 6, 2016

Cloud: Fundamental to Everything, Yet Always Evolving

To no surprise, the movement of cloud adoption has grown year over year and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Companies have quickly shifted from planning to use cloud to actually using it. As cloud technologies continue to evolve due to varying business needs and today’s dynamic technology market, organizations aren’t settling, but, rather, are still looking to use the technology more....

By · Dec 15, 2015

Business man and colorful icons. Businessman with touch screen icons. Winner in business administration and management time
IT Models Shift to Spur Innovation

Understanding the type of IT organization you are selling into provides some necessary insights into who the influencers are, and organizational differences you need to navigate. IDG Enterprise’s 2015 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision Maker survey looked at the IT models within organizations today compared to responses to the same question surveyed two years ago. Today, 55% of IT organizations...

By · Nov 24, 2015

Business people talking in the background and their belongings in the foreground
Mobile – Transforming the Way Companies Do Business

Mobile tech continues to change everyday life. From mobile in the home and business, to the rise of social and workplace collaboration; mobility is constantly transforming and expanding into nearly all areas of personal and business life. IDG Enterprise’s 2015 Building the Mobile Enterprise survey explains how mobile products and services are fueling this change, along with the mobile priorities...

By · Nov 18, 2015

Peers are the #1 Info Source…but it’s Worth a Closer Look

It’s the age old tech marketing quest – how to best engage IT decision-makers (ITDMs). Understanding their information needs and knowing the sources they are using is always a good start. In our annual Role & Influence of the Technology Decision Maker survey, we examine the sources of information used by ITDMs to keep up to date with technology. Over the years, peers has been the number one...

By · Oct 20, 2015

Beautiful business woman communicating over telephone in office
Sales Follow Up: It can make or break closing a deal

So your marketing efforts have positioned your company well and attracted interest from potential customers. As you pass those leads over to sales, are you confident that your team has the product knowledge necessary and is well versed in best practices for that follow up? It is intuitive, and our research confirms, actions taken by vendors in their sales follow up can greatly impact the likelihood...

By · Aug 10, 2015

young businessman drawing success concept on wal
Innovation at its Finest: The Developer Way

As technology continues to evolve, every company is a software company. And who is the brainpower behind this transition? The enterprise developer. A recent InfoWorld Enterprise Developer TechPersona study highlights the business and technical skills that developers possess to be the collaborative and innovative individuals they are, leading them to be rising influencers in the enterprise. There are...

By · Aug 3, 2015

Security Breaches Not Limited to Big Retailers, Cybercrime Spree Continues

Is it Cybersecurity or Cyber-insecurity? CSO’s 2015 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey results indicate that despite years of reports saying organizations are increasing their resources allocated to preventing cybercrime, 76% are more concerned about cybersecurity events in 2015 than ever before, a sharp increase from the 59% who were more concerned in 2014. A closer look at the results of this study...

By · Jul 20, 2015