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Friedenberg 360 Tech and Media Insights

The future of A.I. ethics is in our hands

When so many of the world’s smartest people warn us about ‘killer robots’ and other ethical issues inherent in artificial intelligence, we should heed their call to make sure A.I. is used for societal good. Growing up, it was great fun...

CMO Numbers that Count

Sales Follow Up: It can make or break closing a deal

  So your marketing efforts have positioned your company well and attracted interest from potential customers. As you pass those leads over to sales, are you confident that your team has the product knowledge necessary and is well versed in best...

From the Road Interviews with Executives

New Cisco CEO: Focus on Speed and Simplification

When Cisco employees headed into work the last week of July, they encountered something they haven’t seen in two decades: a new boss. Chuck Robbins – formerly senior vice president of worldwide operations – took over from former CEO John Chambers....

CMO Numbers that Count

Innovation at its Finest: The Developer Way

  As technology continues to evolve, every company is a software company. And who is the brainpower behind this transition? The enterprise developer. A recent InfoWorld Enterprise Developer TechPersona study highlights the business and technical...

CMO Numbers that Count

Security Breaches Not Limited to Big Retailers, Cybercrime Spree Continues

  Is it Cybersecurity or Cyber-insecurity? CSO’s 2015 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey results indicate that despite years of reports saying organizations are increasing their resources allocated to preventing cybercrime, 76% are more concerned...

From the Road Interviews with Executives

Cisco’s Former CEO: Delivering on the Vision

Cisco’s John Chambers recently handed the reigns of CEO to Chuck Robbins, but not before I spoke with him about the company’s direction and its ambition of making Cisco the No.1 IT company. He discussed how they are delivering on that vision by forging...

CMO Numbers that Count

UC&C ROI: Fueling Business Advancement

  As organizations expand their business through new tech implementations, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) continue to recognize the need for unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) tools. A recent IDG Enterprise Unified Communications &...

Friedenberg 360 Tech and Media Insights

Beyond Moore’s Law: Five technologies that will change the future

IDG CEO Mike Friedenberg is watching the tech horizon and sees game-changing technologies in A.I., robotics, quantum computing and more. In all the reading I do about the technology landscape and the future of the CIO role, I encounter every kind of punditry...

From the Road Interviews with Executives

Pure Storage CEO: Seeing is Believing – A Key Principle for this Market Disruptor

The term ‘disruption’ gets tossed about a lot – too often – in the technology industry. But it isn’t always hype. Backed by nearly half a billion dollars in investment, CEO Scott Dietzen and Pure Storage, driving pure flash storage...

Executive Voices Executive Voices

IT Must Face Outward

CIOs and IT organizations must focus on readiness for customer contact. There’s no better way to elevate IT’s status than to make it more outward-facing. Who are your customers? Why do they buy from you? What keeps them coming back? What would...